Did you hear about bonehead story of the day?
Marriott chartered a 600 head ferry from PRico to pick up its guests stranded on STT yesterday and take 'em back there. …. around 300 folks, mostly from the Frenchman's Reef…. Well news about the pick-up traveled from them I'm sure to other stranded Americans they knew of and around 35 of them also posted, passports in hand to the cruise ship pier, but were refused boarding though the ship was only 1/2 full.

Marriott is taking severe heat in the media …BUT it was the USVI Customs and Immigration Chief, not the Ferry Master or Marriott that said "Not on the passenger manifest?...you're not leaving"… just following the R&R…

The ferry couldn't hang around while the red tape was cut since it was getting dark and you know they can't run at night.. MEffer…wonder what his new job is today? …or was he keel-hauled then and there?....stay-tuned for more fallout…. unbelievable…

Chuck W.
BVI Pics

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