As a long time BVI fan and a former catamaran owner (L380 "Snapper" in the BVIs) my thoughts first and foremost are with the people of the Islands who are suffering through this astounding tragedy. I appreciate so much more my own trivial problems compared to the struggles our Island friends are experiencing.

We had a charter booked Oct 25 to November 2 to once again compete gloriously and out of Catatonic's class.

The DYC agent called me three days after the end of the beginning and said: "You are probably out of luck, but let me see what I can do...."

We are now heading down to Martinique same dates on a larger boat (with a/c) at not a penny of additional cost.

There is no way DYC could do this for everyone. We got lucky. Don't hold it against them if they cannot accommodate you in the same manner.

The agent JG advertises on the top of this page.

Thank you JG! We appreciate the amazing, wonderful service!

We already went ahead and booked our next CatFight charter with her for 2018!We selected a boat that is 49' 11.5".....