First, I apologize that this is somewhat misplaced in this forum. However, with so many experienced sailors here I thought I'd ask about Bahamas sail chartering.

Despite 30 yrs of sailing, I've never sailed in Bahamas and am looking to take my family there for next March '18 spring break trip. As best I can tell, my choices are basically Abacos and Exumas bases - and choosing between the 2 multinational opns and smaller opns (generally preferred).

Does anyone have any particular experience with differences - especially sailing and "experience" wise - between the island chains? I suppose we prefer experiences similar to Virgin Islands of 20+ years ago - meaning very casual and laid back, less developed, fewer boats and developed beaches, fewer college groups and pirate flags. Also, when we sail we enjoy the 20+ mile passages from place to place - I don't like feeling confined to a small area.

Also, if anyone has any experience with the smaller local Bahama sail charter operators I'd love to hear of them - I generally know what I'm going to get with the 2 large operations.

Much thanks!