21 Dec. 2011
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Skyelark at anchor in Cumberland Bay
We awoke to a beautiful morning with sunshine and a nice breeze blowing through the anchorage. Dan and I went ashore in the dingy to pick up our Tri-Tri. Last nights catch had already been sold to the local fish vendors but a group of locals were fishing in the stream for more. We picked up a large bag of the bug like creatures for 20 EC and dropped the off with Joseph who runs a small restaurant on the beach.
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Fishing for Tri-Tri
We had made arrangement with Abe (pronounced Abby) to take a water taxi to Baleine Falls, however due to the sea state the driver said it would be too dangerous. We opted instead to visit Dark View Falls located in the north of the island. I must say what a beautiful place, after arriving we each made a 5 EC donation at the information center and took the short walk to the lower of the two falls. It was nice but could not compare with the upper falls with its natural pool. The water cool and refreshing, after a short time swimming we all felt remarkably refreshed. The taxi ride takes along the coast road with magnificent vistas of the sea and the jungle.
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Dark View Falls
The trip cost 30 EC apiece for the ride and a small tip for the driver. We always use Abe to arrange our excursions and he takes great care of us, his number is 531-0237 if anyone would like to use his services. We retrieved our Tri-Tri cakes from Joseph then slipped the mooring and were on our way to Bequia. We enjoyed our Tri-Tri with a garden salad and some of last night couscous. The patties were fried to a nice crispness and tasted like fish cakes. They are so highly prized by the locals that they often dry them in the sun and send them to family members living , overseas so they can enjoy them for the holidays. We sailed under jib alone as the wind between St. Vincent and Bequia can be really brisk. It was a prudent decision because as soon as we were out of the lee fo the island we found ourselves sailing along at 8+ knots in the 35+ knot breeze. Luck must be on our side as we were able to get a mooring ball just off the dingy dock in front of the Whale Boner, a bar with barstools made from whale vertebrae and a large whale rib gracing the front of the bar. After the boat was secured we all went for a short stroll around town, Tony and I stopped at a small bar for conch fritters and beers. Bequia is my favorite stop on the trip, just the right blend of civilization and “off the beaten path” for me. I will be posting pictures of our trip to the falls on a separate thread at some point so stay tuned.

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