i just spent three nights in the most awesome "retreat" I've experienced in many years.

Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Resort in southwestern Western Australia near the Margaret River wine region proved to be my most exciting time yet on my 6-month journey through Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

Set in a rural, countryside and somewhat remote area and in the midst of a small forest, Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Resort brought me back to nature as it should be seen on occasion and with some creature comforts too like a wood-burning stove for the cold, near-winter temperatures of SW Australia, a jacuzzi hot tub and a log cabin-feel to the actual accomodation.

Plus, being visited by the resident mob of kangaroos day and night, the woylie's, the possums, the bandicoots, and birds----it was was an amazing close encounter with nature.

The only thing it lacked was wi-fi--and that turned out to be a blessing.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!" and "Hedo for me-no problem mon!" :-)