Not that we aren't happy to see our sons and animals gets harder each trip to come back. Except for our trip this August this was the best so far. We really needed it and also feel so fortunate to be able to go.

We wanted to spend our last day close by so after our usual trek to Tap 5 for croissants and our time with the birds, we decided to try a new place (to us) on Orient. Settled in at Sun beach and we were early so noone but us there yet.

Can't say enough good things about the staff. 1 to 1, euros to dollar, seven per chair with a drink included and Carol who is the up front person is just a delight. I don't think she ever stops smiling! It started off as a dreary day but soon became just partly cloudy..perfect. A group of folks from Connecticut settled in next to us and we had a great time with them. They flew home on the same flight to Charlotte with us (more about that later) and we really enjoyed their company. They had been here for 2 weeks and we are sick of hearing that from those we meet! We are going to just have to come twice a yr. from now on if we can't do 2 weeks at a time.

Had a wonderful day there with a great lunch and good prices. We both had fish and it was delicious. We stayed till the sun started to set and again Orient water was as calm as I've ever seen it.

Back to the villa to shower and change and walked back down to the village to eat. The nice thing about staying at Bruno's is that walking down through La Plantation is so easy and well lit. We enjoyed walking. Ate at Little Italy this time and we both got specials. Tim had a seafood pasta and I had another pasta dish (sorry, forgot after several pinot grigios). Very nice with locals selling their wares and music in the square. Great way to end our trip.

Woke up early to have our last walk on Orient. It was a beautiful day (darn it) and love watching the kite surfers early in the a.m. We were going to eat at Andy's but still full from last night so opted for fresh croissants and with cheese from the villa we packed a bag for the plane.

Bruno came down to see us off and we told him we would be back. We usually have lunch at Pineapple Pete's before we leave but I so enjoyed overlooking Kim Sha that we parked at Buccaneer and had a great cheeseburger lunch just enjoying the water. Dropped the phone off and left the car in the parking lot and proceeded to the part we hate the most...the dreaded WAIT!

By now, I am pretty chilled out but what we went through to get on that plane is a little ridiculous! We were so excited at first, as our gate was upstairs but that changed with an announced gate change to B4 downstairs with the throngs of others! Hot, hot, hot and 3 times as many people as chairs. Now we will be bussed of course which would have been o.k. if organized but there were 4 planes with boardings being announced simultaneously and it was chaos. It took forever it seemed to get on board and it was like sardines. I for one am sick of hearing about the pushing of U.S. air credit cards and on board goods to buy. Anyway, still made it to albiet an hr. late and customs was not to bad. Got home at 1 a.m. and after examining the dog (doesn't look good) we are out for the night.

Only a few things I wished we had done and didn't. Never got back to Tree House lounge and have been wanting to get back there since our first vist. Also didn't get to Friar's and Happy Bay. Will be on our to-do list next time.

New to us: Buccaneer and Kim Sha. We really enjoyed this beach one late afternoon and on our way to the airport. Will definitely be back.

I didn't even post a report after our trip in Aug. We learned a lesson about taking friends. I worried all week about them and especially since the weather was not great. Tim and I love it in spite of the weather and we just will not do that again. As new friends we met this trip stated "Our friends just don't get it". Well, we do. Already planning the next one!