It is only 9 p.m. and we are already in bed and watching t.v. Are we pathetic?? We had a great 2nd day. Slept in again and breakfast on the balcony with all the little birds waiting for crumbs..really enjoying where we are. Easy to get to everywhere and tucked into the prettiest neighborhood.

Spent the entire day at Pinel. I did not know you could reserve your chairs, and as I said we slept in and got to the cul de sac a little after ten. Three boats left before us and when we got there all the front row chairs had reserved signs on them. We were getting ready to move on when a couple said "You're welcome to the 2 next to ours since our friends cancelled" Well, you don't have to ask us twice and we plopped down for the day. Great couple from Texas who own at the Pelican and are here for 3 weeks (so jealous). Had a great day with them...lunch, lounging and water was perfect. Left at 4:30 and intended to come back to the villa to shower and change BUT, decided to stop in Grand Case and set down at Kalmos Cafe. Several hours later and many tapas, we are done for the night. You cannot beat the sunset and atmosphere there. The waiters are the best and we love seeing the children playing in the surf.

Now watching the Batchelor which is REALLY pathetic, but we are happy and rested. Life is good. On the down side, our sons called us last night and started off by saying "Now don't get upset". Thought for sure it was Tim's mom but turns out our 4 yr. old Jack Russell has glaucoma and had to have emergency surgery to reattach the lens. Emergency surgery on a holiday is ridiculously expensive but all went well and she will be fine. Boys are holding down the fort and now doing drops, pills, etc. Never a dull moment!

Loving it here and really need to figure out how to do 2 weeks.