Wednesday we got up early to head to Marigot. We wanted the kids to see the town and since I've always wanted to eat at Sarafina's we arrived early. They were amazed at all the choices and had a hard time deciding what to get. I had a chocolate twist and cappucino..yum. Hubby had his usual raisen croissant..but the funniest was our son who ordered a belgian waffle. He thought the girl asked him if he wanted syrup and he said SURE..but they coated it with hot fudge sauce! A little too sweet even for him. It is such a cool bakery and we just hung out people watching.

Our next stop was Loterie Farms for the zip line. Now I will tell you..I have done Zip lines and loved them and thought I knew what to expect. First of all, we wanted to do the EXTREME zip lines. Didn't know they were scheduled at certain times. We arrived at 10:30 and they are 10, 12, and we SETTLED for the regular zip lines.

We went through the orientation and we were on our way..but wait..these guys don't go with are on your own..and wait..this is not merely a zip line..this is an obstacle course with a few zip lines thrown in for good measure!

I have to say I am in pretty good shape for 57 but I had no idea what I was getting into. High wires, floating logs, no platforms just limbs to stand was HARD! I had to squat, climb up trees, hang on for dear life on little wires while my son was bouncing along in front of me..all the while the guys in "charge" were on the ground WAY below us yelling "How you doing Mama?" How did it look like I was doing..drenched in sweat, clinging on those lines?? I have never been so glad to see the last zip line in my life! It took us an hour and a half and we then headed to the Treehouse lounge for tapas and a much needed beer!

Went to Orient from there and spent a few hours at Palm Beach. We really enjoy it there and they treat you so well. Wanted to enjoy the sunset in Grand Case so headed to Calmos Cafe and ordered some drinks. We were going to have Tapas there but after about 45 min. waiting for someone to come back to take our order we decided to leave. The kids wanted to experience the Lolos so it worked out well and we gorged on ribs, chicken, plantains and beans and rice. I cannot tell you how exhausted I was and to bed I went!