Dec. 24: Canouan
We took the dingy to shore and tied the stern back to keep it from being forced under the dock by the swell. It was decided to hike over the island to Friendship Bay for a swim; yes they talked me into it again. The hike wasn’t too bad, over the road the whole way and then we found ourselves on a beautiful secluded beach, the water looked amazing with all the different shades of blue.
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On the beach in Friendship Bay, Canouan
The skies were overcast, but we were able to get a swim in before the rain came. As we made our way back to the boat the rain started coming down in buckets so we took shelter in a local bar, they wouldn’t let us inside because we were soaked, but we were able to hide from the rain under their outdoor covered patio.
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Two drowned rats

Mike and Debby hitched a ride back to the other side from a man with a small truck, Debby inside and Mike standing in the back. We stopped for coffee at the Tamarind Beach Hotel, where the dingy dock is located, a nice place with an open air design. Soon we were off and heading for Clifton on Union Island. We took a mooring ball and then went ashore for drinks, ice cream, phone top up and internet. The riff raff that were hanging around the docks last time we stopped here were not around and no one pestered us as we each went our separate ways .While walking through town we ran into Jean Claude, AKA Mr. Fabulous, and after exchanging greetings he asked if I was bringing my rum punch to the beach barbeque we had scheduled for Christmas Day. I stayed on Union to use the wifi, since I knew connections wouldn’t be available at our next few stops; the others went over to Happy Island for drinks. The story goes that the island is built from conch shells piled on the reef; I had been there before so I didn’t mind missing out. Dinner that night was fish pie (kind of like a shepherds’ pie but with fish instead of lamb) from the marlin that Dan had caught on the ARC, we have been eating like kings on this trip. Nightcaps were the usual, Dan’s mojitos and rum neat.

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