Tuesday – French cereal – Nestlé’s “Fitness” – pretty good for Breakfast. Went to Galeon for beach time. Windy could not put up umbrellas sat under palms waiting for coconuts to drop on our heads. Cocktails on porch. Went to Grand Case with friends for one of last Harmony Nights. Eat at LOLO – Rib shack. $49 for four meals 4 beers and 2 rum and cokes. Food ok for price. Harmony night was jumping with people. Parade was very small-six dancers and a small band. Friends are going to go home after 3 months on Thursday. Got a lot of hand-me-down food. Some tawny port and Calvados on the porch with friends.

Wednesday – Cereal for breakfast- off to Dawn beach. Cocktails on porch. Eat BLTs on baguettes with rose. Part of largesse of friends.

Thursday – Cereal on porch. Off to Orient. Ate at lunch at Kakao. My wife had an unusual fish – a trigger fish (reef fish edible kind we hoped) in white butter sauce delicious. I had my stand by - Le croustillant de brie. Nice day until it rained later in afternoon. Chased us home. Cocktail on Porch. Baguette sandwich with Rose for dinner on Porch.

Friday – Baguette with butter and jam on porch. Off to Philipsburg to get my wife’s significant upgrade at DK Gems. I thought I was ok but it was not to be.
After that went to Galeon. Cocktails on porch. Hand-me down food for dinner some turkey breast, some steak and salad with Rose.

Saturday - Baguette with butter and jam on porch. Off to Dawn beach. Cocktails on porch. Then to Le Taitu for dinner. Not many people there for a Saturday. We had the creole platter for an app. My wife had Grouper in mango orange sauce and I had a special-rib eye strips in a mushroom sauce (Boeuf d cajun) and a shared dessert -Rum raisin ice cream with dark rum. A lot of Rum. The meal was delicious. Very tasty. I recommend Le Taitu in Mont Vernon.

Sunday – Church in Philipsburg – St Martin of tours. Long service again. Father Johnson got into his sermon. Had Breakfast at the Pasanggrahan Hotel. I love their Bohemian style pancakes, as you probably know by now if you have been reading these reports. Off to Orient for our last beach day. Lunch at Kakao with our favorite lunch. On to the beach – clouds roll in and it rains on our last day. Of course the rain ends when we go home. Cocktails on porch. Eat at the L’Oasis – pizza and rose. Sort of got screwed on pizza ordered the Italian and got the margarita- 2-euro difference. They said that they had no basil but didn’t tell us. No big deal also had a mysterious 2% added to bill. I think is credit card charge that violates their agreement with CC companies.

Monday -up early to pack-off to say good-bye to our friends at Aux Pain D’Epices market and have some pastry. Off to Travel rent-a-car. Stop at Zee Best on Airport road to get a sandwich for the plane ride home. Turn in car; dropped off at airport-no lines anywhere, Flight home was 45 minutes early no lines anywhere. Home by 8:00 pm/ a great Trip.