Hello all. Long time lurker, first time poster. I've gleaned a ton of helpful info from the forum in the past, so thanks for that.

We're getting ready to head down for a trip next week, and I'm looking over our plans. We've been a few times previously, but never before during a full moon, and I just now noticed that the night I had pegged to grab a mooring ball at Marina Cay will be the same night as the full moon party at Trellis. We have relatively young kids, and I'm not sure that we'd really head over to Trellis, but I am curious...how much trouble do you think I'll have grabbing a ball at Marina Cay? I know it can get a little crowded in the area on those full moon nights, but wasn't sure if anyone had any helpful info for me about how early the mooring field fills up this time of year.