2021 is kindof announced and available for booking and it is full 14 days requiring two full M-F days off feom work plus 3 weekends. Great if retired and want at sea days ( and can get lounge chairs for those) and in my view only hits three interesting ports (Cartagena,Bonaire and Curacao). And Bonaire is only good if you are a diver which we would be.

Nassau, San Juan, Colon, Roatan....... somewhat not appealing ports to us at this point and not what Im looking for when paying the BN premium.

They are plying the whole Carribean for 14 days they could head straight for a Bonaire, Curacao and steam East to some interesting and French AN semi freindly.

And no Half Moon Cay.

I do like the Tampa departure as it is non-stressful but it does lean you to western Caribbean.

I also thing it is strategic with all the Tampa, Land o Lakes customers not needing plane or bus tickets and Cypress Cove not being any further away from Tampa than Port Canaveral, Miami, FLL.

I had a feeling 2020 would be a hot seller and it is.

I have a feeling this itinerary will be a slower seller. A good economy might help it though.

A revised itinerary would give it a better fill up rate.