Day 12 - With only two boats in town, decided to hit P-burg. Needed to return to DK Gems to pick up Betty's ring that they had repaired for her. Of course, Kamal had to have(really twisted her arm) Betty model a blue diamond ring. No sale this time. After a couple other stops to pick up a certainly perfume for our daughter's Christmas present, a replacement sweat shirt jacket for Betty, and new sandals also for Betty, It was home to el Zafiro for a little beach time and lunch. Chicken skew, $13. was very tasty. Tender chicken. Dinner tonight was with good friends, John and Cyndi, Jeff and Bonnie at Lagoonies. Had the Lagoonie salad as well as an order of ribs from the tapas menu.

Next SXM visit - January/February 2021