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Please stay at home.

This virus affects the ability of the lungs to supply oxygen to red blood cells.
It is a respiratory infection, in general respiratory infections can increase risk of stroke and heart attack by causing inflammation, which can lead to development of blood clots and put strain on heart muscle.
Strain on the heart puts increased demand on heart which can lead to poor blood flow.
It increases the potential of the blood to clot.

On the news we hear sore throat, fever, headache, maybe diarrhea or vomitting.

Two friends experience,
50 & 35 years

Person one . Week one red eyes no pain in eyes,horrible headache, sore throat
No other symptoms.
Week two confusion , memory loss, loss of coordination,stumbling

Person two.
Week one not diarrhea but a little looser than normal stool and mild sore throat
Week two heart palpitations and blood pressure 70/50 like readings also some clumsiness loss of coordination

I am no doctor but I believe this virus affects heart and brain.

Please pay attention to abnormal blood pressure and blood sugar readings cause these can be your body response to the virus. Sometimes no flu symptoms.

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Please read anyway.
Please take care.

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