Not a lot to tell, on the recommendation of the charter company we stayed at JVD due to the morning weather then the rain. Not a problem, it a vacation, good book, nap, beer, wine....all good. Entertainment was watching all the different methods of grabbing a ball and attaching the bridle , very funny at times. We were surprised how many boats left GH after 3:00. Not sure where they were headed in the rain. Couldn't see Great Thatch most of the time for the rain. Now no one ever mentioned I needed a horn or conch shell to join in the evenings recitals. One boat started then another, soon half the moored fleet was playing some sort of noise maker. Even had a fleet happy birthday song for someone. Amazing how a bunch of strangers join in some simple fun. Hopefully the weather will improve, according to Glenn it should. <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />

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