TRIP REPORT…Last full day on the water….

We got up and on Friday and did our typical routine of coffee…etc. I headed for the shower and Ruth went shopping (she got her shower the night before). As usual, I like to get out of the slip/off the ball early to get to the next destination to enjoy the day. After getting everything settled, we headed out to Cooper for the last day. I like Cooper for the last day because it is a short ride across the Drake on the final morning.

We got to Cooper on light seas (again) and got a ball. Again, Ruth handled the ball like a pro!! We settled in, she jumped in the water and swam around for a while and I asked her is she’s like to snorkel and she jumped at that! So we loaded everything up and headed to the great reef there (name slips my mind as I write this) We snorkel for a while and then head to the Cooper Beach Club for lunch. We tied our dinghy by the dive shop since there were tour boats coming and going at the Club’s dock.

We ordered a burger and some conch fritters and they were good! I took a picture of the meal with a TTOL hat and they are in another post somewhere on here.

After that, we bought a couple of things in the shop, walked down the beach and took some pics, took some pics by the tables in the water and headed back to the boat to pack.
After we got packed and relaxed we headed back to the reef to snorkel one last time and then back to the boat for dinner aboard (more brisket). The sunset over Tortola was fantastic. I discovered my phone (Samsung Note II) has built in filters and some of the pictures I took of the sunset looked like the island was on fire….great shots and great memories. And, all of this made for a short and uneventful trip report.

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