I have found the trip reports of others to be valuable, so perhaps the following can be of help to others planning their charters. We were a group of 14 people on two 41' cats. This was the 4th year I have put together this trip for our sailing center - 2 times to Belize and 2 times to BVI. We chartered through Ed Hamilton (high marks) with TMM (grade of "C+" for quality of boats and efficiency of shoreside service). The trip was in mid-December, which was good-news and bad-news. As these couple weeks are an off-season time it had the significant advantages of lower charter fee and the ability to pick up any NPT or overnight mooring anytime and anywhere we wanted. The downside had to do with shore activities, because the nightlife was dead. There was NO ONE in Foxy's the night we were on JVD and only one couple, other than our group, on Willy T - however, I must say the female part of that couple did put on quite a show (I blush to think about it - however, I didn't leave!) on the Willy T stage.

Each boat had person who had volunteered to be the "Galley Captain" and handled all the menu preparation and provisioning. This was the first year I have had this arrangement and it went very well. These were people who considered doing this to be part of their vacation - god bless 'em. They each provisioned via the internet with Bobby's and were very satisfied with quality, variety, service, etc.

Our itinerary was Norman (the Bight), Trellis Bay, North Sound, Anegada, Cane Garden Bay, Great Harbor and Norman. Did a lot of snorkeling along the way - Caves, Baths, Dogs, Loblolly Beach, Sandy Cay and the Indians.

Had two guys on one boat doing SCUBA. They had good luck renting equipment from Blue Water, Nanny Cay. Lesson learned: instead of having them dive from the boat I will encourage them to meet up with a professional to take them diving. We had no "diver down" flag, although they did buddy-up we had no way to help them if needed, they tied up the rest of us a great deal and there are much better places for them to enjoy themselves than where we stopped for snorkeling.

This reaffirmed again what a great cruising platform the cat is for a large group. All 7 (on each boat) can easily sit around the "dining table" in the salon and all 14 can gather in the cockpit for drinks and informal dinner. When sailing plenty of room to each person to go find their own "corner".

Each person gave the Galley Captain $100 for provisioning. We ended up adding another $10 per person. This $770 ended up covering all provisioning and the mooring fees.

Don't try to arrange taxi and ferry ahead of time. It did not work and was not needed. Just take the taxi that is available and the next ferry going your direction.

We used too much water, even for 7 people. We availed ourselves of the free water at Saba Rock the afternoon we arrived, and then topped off again in the morning. Part of the problem was that these boats did not have a salt-water rinse in the sink. We quickly learned to do the first rinse of plates, etc., off the stern (made use of the SCUBA guys to retrieve lost items!).

Great Harbor lived up to its reputation for dragging anchors. One of our boats tried three places before getting a good hold. Watched other boats roaming around for a long time before getting set. And this was in good weather.

Best snorkeling: Caves (swimming among schools of fish) and Dogs (water clarity and rock formations).

Best Beaches: Loblolly (for expanse and so-so snorkeling) and Sandy Cay (and the rest of the island).

Best Dinner (onshore): Corsair on JVD. Due to low-season, evidently, places like Soggy Dollar, Quitos and Foxy's were DEAD. Some of the crew went to Last Resort, Trellis Bay, after dinner at Da Loose Mongoose and reported the entertainment (by the chef) there to be outstanding. Next time we will just have dinner at Last Resort and stay on for the entertainment. (And, as reported by others, there is a sandbar running south of the Last Resort that even traps dingies!)

While we were there the moon "waned" and we spent incredible late-night hours on the trampoline watching the stars and shooting stars.

Well, hope this helps anyone planning their own trip. And, it brings back great memories putting this down "on paper".