Dec. 26 Petit Martinique and Petit St. Vincent
We woke to clear skys and a fresh breeze, what a difference a day makes. After we all had our breakfast and coffee, we motored our way through the cut in the reef for our short hop to the southernmost stops on the trip. Once clear of the reef we hoisted the headsail and had a spirited run to our next anchorage. We dropped anchor just off Petit St. Vincent, as most of the yachts do and took the dingy over to Petit Martinique.
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Goatie's Bar and the beach on Petit St. Vincent

The couple grocery stores on the island were closed due to the holiday, but we found a small store where we were able to pick up some water and a bottle of Jack Iron rum. Jack Iron, from what I understand is distilled in Trinidad, and sold straight out of the barrel here and on Carriacou, I didnít have an empty bottle but the lady at the shop was kind enough to supply one. Jan, Chris and I set off for a hike around the island; this can be done in a little over an hour if you donít get lost. We did make the wrong turn at one point, but backtracked and picked our way along the various goat traces until we found the road back down to the town.
There is a small family run bar along the waterfront that surprisingly had free wifi. You can see their small jetty just southwest of the one with the fuel pump. Cold beers never tasted so good as those did after our long hike in the midday sun. Dan brought the dingy around at 1:30 to pick us up as arranged and we were some back onboard; where Dan had prepared a nice lobster salad for lunch.
We took an afternoon nap to recover from our hike. Once everyone was well rested we took the dingy over to Goaties Bar on the beach at Petit St. Vincent. The bar and the small beach next to it are the only places yachties are allowed to go on the island. The bar has a chic island feel to it, surrounded by turquoise blue waters. The drinks here are very expensive, the same in US as we usually pay in EC, and they add 25% to the tab for tax and service charge. It is worth a stop for a sundowner though, and the beach is nice for swimming.
Back on board we had some Jack Iron rum with grapefruit juice, while Jan cooked the tuna that Mr. Fabulous had given us. I had mine blackened with my home blended Cajun seasoning, accompanied by rice and zucchini it was a great dinner. Once again we took advantage of the cool night breeze and drank some Captain Bligh under the stars before heading off to bed.

Drink all day at home, your friends worry about you; do it on vacation and they say "what a good time you're having". Save your friends needless worry, travel more!