Dec. 31, Rodney Bay
I went to the bakery in the marina a little before 7:00, hoping to get some pain au chocolat for everyone to have with their coffee but they werenít open yet. I went up to check on the showers, still closed, then sat at one of the tables outside the bakery and used the wifi. A few of the others came by to see if the showers were open and then we decided to order breakfast from the bakery. After everyone was back aboard we set off for Rodney Bay; it was windy and there were intermittent rain showers passing through but it didnít take long to arrive.
First thing I did was head to the showers; ahhh, the simple pleasure of a real shower. After lunch onboard I called Trendy and we met at the boardwalk bar to catch up on the past year. A few of the other regulars were around and seasonís greetings were exchanged. The crew had reservations at The Fire Grill, so I told Trendy I would call him around midnight and we could meet at Spinnakers.
Dinner at The Fire Grill was as we had come to expect; most decided on either the steaks or duck breast, both were perfectly done and the steaks very flavorful. It was Dan that noticed Peter, the manager, inspects every dish before it is sent to the dining room; earlier I had seen him taste one of the many sauces they make and give it the thumbs up. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes this restaurant stand out and our visits there so enjoyable.
We stopped at a few of the bars on the strip, including Rehab which had two shots of Chairmens for 10 EC, before walking down to Spinnakers for the fireworks on the beach.
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With Dan and Em at Spinnakers

It wasnít long before Trendy arrived, the nights festivities were beginning to catch up with us so we agreed we would switch to Guinness instead of rum. We left the others at Spinnakers and worked our way back down stopping at The Fire Grill along the way. I had forgotten about switching to Guinness so I ordered up a couple double Chairmens on the rocks, they took a while to finish but the party was rockiní and as the customers cleared out the staff got into the festive mood.
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Having some Chairmens at The Fire Grill

We continued down the strip, stopping when we needed a drink and finished the night up at Q before heading home. New Years Eve in Rodney Bay is not to be missed if ever you are there for the holiday; great fun and a lot of people just enjoying themselves, not to mention some of the very beautiful young St. Lucian women, who are long on leg and short on skirt.

Drink all day at home, your friends worry about you; do it on vacation and they say "what a good time you're having". Save your friends needless worry, travel more!