Jan. 1, Off to Soufriere
I always like to spend a few days unwinding in Soufriere, and since I had a week to kill before joining Skyelark for the WARC, I booked a room for a few days at the start forgetting that the buses wouldn’t be running. I was quoted prices from $100 - $80 US for the trip, so since the Gros Islet – Casteries buses were operating I took one into the city hoping to get lucky. My fears were confirmed, no buses going that way, but I was able to negotiate a rate of $70 US from a driver who was having a slow day on his route. It is always a nice trip, passing through the mountains and along the coast. We saw some of the damage from the Christmas Storm, but it wasn’t nearly as severe as what we say in St. Vincent.
I arrived at the Downtown Hotel in good time and checked in; first order of business was to find some lunch. I knew exactly where I would be going, De Belle View Creole Restaurant and Bar. It doesn’t look like much from the road, it’s upstairs in an older building on the waterfront, but it is nice inside and the people there are always friendly and welcoming. I didn’t need a menu, the rotis here are some of the best around and with a Piton to wash it down I was able to relax and watch the world go by out the window. I started talking to a couple guys at the bar, and sure enough they knew Trendy since he is originally from here.
After lunch I grabbed my swimming gear and walked down to Hummingbird Beach for a relaxing afternoon. The water here is calm and nice for swimming; the local kids were doing their cliff diving each time a tour boat arrived, hoping for a tip to buy some food. It is a nice peaceful setting and no one bothers you so I could really relax.
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Petit Piton form Hummingbird Beach

I headed back into town and stopped at Skippers for a gin and tonic to take to the waterfront for the sunset. While I was sitting there a couple young boys stopped and asked if I would give them some coins for food, I told them I don’t give coins and the older one left, the younger stayed and asked if he could earn some by showing me the town. I explained that I just wanted to watch the sun go down so we sat there and chatted about many different things, I enjoyed our conversation and that he realized how important school was so I gave him a couple coins to pose for a picture. As we continued talking he mentioned that he takes photos with his phone, a Samson Galaxy S something; now I have a 5 year old coral that I bought for 75 EC and I said to him “you have a better phone than me, I should be asking you for money” followed by “hey buddy, do you have any coins so I can get another drink” this caused him to breakout in great laughter. It’s random times like these that keep me coming back.
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A water taxi passes by as the sun sets off the waterfront in Soufriere

After the sun had well set, I took a shower and headed back to the restaurant for dinner, I have only eaten lunch here before but the dinner menu looked good and I wanted to try it. I chose the fish served with lime sauce, accompanied by all the usual sides. The fish was fresh and perfectly done, the sauce giving it some flavor but not overpowering the mahi-mahi. I walked over to one of the local bars for a nightcap and then called it an early night, which I certainly needed after last nights partying.

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