Jan.4, Back to Rodney Bay
I got up and had a local breakfast of fish cakes and cocoa tea at the waterfront park; this is one of my favorite places to relax morning or late afternoon. I took my morning walk to the Hummingbird and back then packed my stuff up and checked out. Boomer was going to come with me to Casteries, but some people had told him they wanted to climb Petit Piton and he was going to guide them.
I put my backpack under the back seat of the bus, it was too full to carry n my lap, the bus driver didnít mind and didnít even charge extra. The bus ride went as usual; the bridge in Canaries looked close to being ready to open, unlike the one south of Soufriere. I looked around the market for a couple things; the mangos are not fully ripe yet, hopefully Iíll get some before we leave. I had curried beef for lunch at Spicy Delights in the market, Iíve eaten here before and the food is always good and a good value. After lunch I walked over to a couple cell phone shops but they were closed; I needed a new phone because mine wasnít charging anymore. I finally found one at a stand in the street, the vendor wanted 100 EC, but I offered 80 and he took it, a nice Samsung new and in the box.
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Street stands outside the market in Cateries

I took the bus back to the marina, hoping to drop off my fins and pickup some clean shirts. I walked over to F Dock, but Skyelark wasnít there, she was anchored in the bay. It was too early to check into the hotel so I went over to Boardwalk Bar to kill some time. Some friends were already there and we had a beer together; Dan was at Cafť Ole, so I talked to him and made plans to get the laundry once it gets back.
Iím staying at the Bay Gardens Inn, Iíve stayed here a few times before and it is my first choice in Rodney Bay. Itís smaller and quieter than the hotel; the rooms are spacious and set up nice with electric kettle, fridge, writing table, patio with table and chairs. There is also a free hourly shuttle to the Beach Resort, where you can use all the amenities.
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A welcome rum punch by the pool

Later in the evening I met Trendy on the strip for a couple drinks, we stopped at Rehab and The Bar. Lunch had filled me up so I just had some chicken from the bbq shack at The Bar. It was Saturday night, but my body had suffered enough over the last week so I made it an early night.

Drink all day at home, your friends worry about you; do it on vacation and they say "what a good time you're having". Save your friends needless worry, travel more!