Nothing eventful. Zee Best for breakfast. I had my usual and it was good. The wife had her usual La Roger. The egg was over done and her almond croissant was over baked. It was very busy. First mediocre report in 14 years. Today is laundry day. By the pool in RP. More renters than in the past. I was expecting more like the pre Covid pre Irma days but nope. I need to adjust. Had G and T on deck/ porch. Went to Skip Jacks, ( note the space in name). Not the same company that owned the old Skipjacks. Nope just the same cooks , wait staff. Bankruptcy is good.

We made a reservation for Basil’s table. He is the same waiter at Chesterfields. It was very crowded! My wife had ahi tuna rare deemed the best. My blackened grouper was good. A good night.