I've always been enamored with the Nordic Tug 26. We finally were able to charter one out of Friday Harbor (San Juan Islands, WA) through Boatsetter to scratch that itch. It was marginally faster than a sailboat, but used more fuel and did not handle the rough seas as well. However, here in the Salish Sea where the mornings are chilly and bursts of rain are common even in the summer, the warm pilothouse was awesome. This paid dividends with my wife who is less enthusiastic about spending time on the water than I am. It was also much quieter motoring than any monohull sailboat I've been on; and again, in the Salish sea, sailboats motor more than they sail because of the wind shadows of the tall islands. This particular boat wasn't ideal for a long cruise only because it didn't have a shower; otherwise it was fully equipped. The owner, Tom, was fantastic to work with as well.

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Nordic Tug 26 Review