Good afternoon fellow sailors. We have our boat out of the BVI but obviously send it down to Grenada for hurricane season. This year, myself and 3 buddies are sailing it north for a 2 week sail from Grenada back to SXM where our captain will take it from there back to the BVI.
My question is regarding cell service as we all still work and need to have email and calls periodically throughout the day and long sails. As such, we are contemplating buying a Starlink Maritime package.

My concerns are:
If we have ATT cell service and are leisurely sailing and sticking close to shore, will we have cell coverage throughout? If not, is Starlink the way to go? My concern is where to mount the thing as it needs unobstructed views of the satellites. With our boat being a 56 foot Bali Catamaran, there are obviously booms, masts and sails all over the place. I don't want to spend $2500 on the materials and $250 a month if the thing isn't going to work.
Directly on top of the mast would be a good spot I would guess but not sure we will have the time to have it professionally installed up there upon our arrival as we would be bringing it down with us and setting sail immediately.
Any advice is appreciated. I may post this as well in the Southern Caribbean thread but that is less traveled.
Thank you!