The season has had a great start seeing so many more boats out on the water! If you are travelling to Denver, Florida or anywhere on the East coast and fancy a canine travel buddy please get in touch with PAW BVI.

It's very easy you are met at the ferry dock or airport with your travel buddy in a soft bag so he or she can fit under your seat, at the airport when you land someone from our sister rescue will be there to meet you. We even organize all the paperwork.

With currently over 60 + dogs at the Humane Society we need to get the puppies out before they hit the 20 lb mark which is the maximum weight they can be to travel. In the last two months PAW BVI have taken in two litters of 11 puppies! The good news is that both the mums have now been spayed, but we do need your help to get the puppies out.

If you think you might be interested, please email your itinerary to with as much notice as possible. Even if it does end up as a last minute thing, we can sometimes get it sorted.

Please note that if you are flying from St Thomas we can get travel buddies across on the ferry, so you don't have to start your journey in the BVI!

Many thanks