I'm an avid reader of the SXM site. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/Clapping.gif" alt="" />Been going to St. Martin for over 20 years. But recently we took a trip (2 in the last 2 years) to Cancun. Sooo I thought I'd share our experience:
Most recent excursion was Jan. 3 thru 7. Our main objective this trip was to explore Mayan culture at Chichen Itza. We departed DFW on a direct flight to Cancun. Picked up a Hertz rental at the Cancun airport and drove directly to Chichen Itza.

Well that was the plan. We took a short detour to Valladolid. Not planed but Joan wanted a drink so on we went. Glad we did. Valladolid is a 400 year old small Colonial era town. Got a great photo of Cathedral de San Gervasio on the Park.

We finish our drive to Hacienda Chichen Resort, our hotel for the night. Arrived about 3:30p. Absolutly beautiful 28 unit resort. The main building was built about 350 years ago.The cotteges were originally constructed in 1923 to house the archologists that excavated the ruins. The wholecomplex is completly modernized. Good on site restruant.

We arrange for a personal guide for Tuesday morning. You can walk (5 min) to the entrance from the hotel. By staying here you get a jumpstart on the tour buses. We were exploring the temples and pyramids by 8:30 tuesday morning.

It's worth it to get a personel guide. cost about $50 USD. Spent the most of the day exploring. I can't say enough good things about the Hacienda Chenen resort. If you into Mayan ruins this is the place to stay.

It's about 2 1/2 hour drive back to Cancun. We arrived at the Royal Solaris approx. 5p. Royal solaris is a medim priced all inclusive resort. Adequate but nothing special. The beach was diapointing. There are rock that have to be crossed when entering the water. The surf was high the 3 days we were here. Made for very difficult swiming in the ocean.Pools were OK.
In 2003 we stayed at the Grand Oasis. Beach was much better. If you stay at the Grand Oasis try to get the center building of the 3. It's the best.

Food was mediocre at the Royal Solaris. We took another venture to Tulum.on thursday. On the way back to Cancun stopped in Akumal. Checked out Las Villas Akumal. We would stay here forever. The complex was so nice I spent some time discussing the advantages of buying a unit with a women from Kansas City. She and her husband bought a 3 bedroom villa pre construction 5 years ago and love it.

Returned to Dallas Jan 7. Over all had a great time. Don't think we would stay at the Solaris again.