I just got back from 2 weeks (2/21 through 3/8) and am dealing with withdrawel syndrom in a big way (think from sunny 85 degree's to 9 degree's). I had one hell of a good time, met some of the best people on earth, thinking, Gail from NY, Marianne from the same NY, Maggie from La Gloria (Yes your article from the Wed. Boston Globe is on it's way) Inga, Zina, Cherie from Oragon, Linda in Michigan, My new Sister and Brother Jim and Carmita from Casa De Morgan, and a whole cast of wonderful people that know who they are (and when I finally put together a trip report will be mentioned). This trip was very special as I brought my best friend Mark and his 2 daughters Paige and Laura, ages 13 and 17 respectivly, and got to meet up with a board member (Gail) before the trip even started(well through e-mail and cell phone), and was staying at Big Jims place (Casa De Morgan).Casa De Morgan is on the Southern part of the Island, and is a lovely piece of heaven. I was really surprised on my first Sunday at Jims not only to find the group of visitors to the Island and the people that are ex- pats living on the Island, but lo and behold on the federal land in the back of Jim's house facing the beach, we were given the opportunity to meet a bunch of local fellows that came out by invitation of our host of North Beach the infamous Sergio. These guys were really wonderful, I received sea fans and shells, and would probably never have met these people if not for the presence and alcohol buying power of Sergio. I guess this was supposed to be a protest of some kind, however, it allowed me and Jim's guests to meet a great bunch of guys that otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to meet. Every day after that when walking or riding though the "downtown" area I received a big "HOLA" from a couple of these guys. Well will followup with a trip report as soon as I get a couple of days off. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Follow ups coming.

Paula in MASS.