To start off this report, I must say SXM lived up to every expectation we had and then some.....Once we got there.<br>We were scheduled to take the midnight flight out of Seattle. After sitting in the plane at the gate for an hour and a half, while they repaired the bell that dings when the seat belt sign comes on, we were off. Of course because of that we missed both of our connections in Dallas and Miami. We had to wait 5 hours for the next flight out of Miami to SXM. So instead of arriving in SXM at 2:45, we arrived at 8:45 (Friday)[Linked Image] Then to top it all off, our luggage was not there[Linked Image][Linked Image] I was assured it would be there in the morning. That assurance was short-lived since we didn't receive our luggage until Sunday night about 10:30. OK enough ranting and raving about American Airlines, I will save it for the nasty letter I will write them.<br>We stayed at the St. Tropez on Orient Beach. The room is sufficient and the location is suburb. We walked barefoot out to the beach, which was wonderful. The weather the first couple days was very windy and the beach was pretty deserted by late afternoon. Despite the wind, we walked up and down Orient and checked everything out. Ate lunch at Pedro's (awesome ribs!). Spent the next day on the beach at Club Orient and ate at Papagyo's. Went into Grand Case and ate at Talk of the Town, what a treat! Todd had to have the lobster, was not disappointed. [Linked Image] Next day, more laying on the beach (what a life!)[Linked Image]and swimming in the wonderfully warm water. Had dinner at Rancho, Argentinian Grill on Simpson Bay. Great place to get a steak. Spent the next day on Isle Pinel, what a gorgeous place! It was my turn for lobster, I got to pick my own out of the live trap floating near shore. Now thats fresh![Linked Image] Had dinner that night at Le Taitu in Cul de Sac. Very good food at a reasonable price. Next day will sailed out on Tiko Tiko. What a fun experience. Relaxed on the beach on Tintamarre,snorkled a little, swimmed. I was great fun I am glad we were able to do that. Spent the next day shopping in Phillipsburg. We decided to have our fancy meal this evening (Friday). We ate at L'Amandier in Grand Case. The food, atmosphere, service were immpecable. We had such a great time and an excellent meal. I had pasta with shrimp & Todd had snapper stuffed with lobster, for dessert - Tiramisu for me and Creme Brulee for Todd. We left there fat and happy![Linked Image][Linked Image] We decided to try another beach so we went to Friars Bay. The beach is small but very nice & calm. We had lunch at Friars Bay Beach Bar. I was very disappointed not so much in the food, but the service was terrible. It was painfully obvious that the wait staff gave preferential treatment to french speaking customers. It took close to an hour to receive our food and our drinks came after the food. Our last full day on the island we spent on the beach of course! Ate lunch at Surf Club South on Orient beach. MMMm, I can almost taste that philly cheese steak sandwich. That evening, went to Sunset Beach Bar, had dinner, watched the sunset, and of course had many $1 shooters!<br>Despite the rocky start, it was an incredible vacation and we can't wait to go back.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Administrator on 2/26/01 12:26 PM.</EM></FONT></P>