After a 24 yr absence from the BVI the wife and returned for a stay at Sebastians . We stayed at Long Bay for our honeymoon in 1990. Flew United with no problems. Found out the hard way that the DIRECT tv system doesnt work while flying over the Atlantic . They tell you that AFTER you pay your fee. Anyway the movies kept the time moving. Flew into St Thomas , ferried over to West End . All transfers were pretty smooth . Had a decent meal upstairs above the ferry station. Was great to feel the warm breeze after the start of winter here in the Midwest .
Check in was no problem at Sebastians. We opted for a garden view room . The Ocean view's look newer and are much larger evidently. But we dont spend much time in our room so we opted to save a few hundred bucks and go with garden view . It was clean and served our needs pretty well , but these rooms are small. Like smaller than even a standard hotel room. Bed was comfy . AC worked fine . We were in Room 41 . Had dinner there a couple times and a couple breakfast . They were fine , nothing special . We did get offered some weed by the dudes that were always hanging out on the corner . If I were managing Sebastians I think I'd try to move their hang out down towards Bomba shack. Also extending the Wi fi to all rooms would be a bonus .

Rented a couple beach pads , and a kayak from Island Surf and Sail in West End . Good communication , fair price .
Rented a Jeep from D and D at the turn off where the road splits to go up the hill near West End . Had no problems with them , the lady was very nice and helped us out , and dropped us off at the ferry on return .
Loved driving around the Island , exploring most everything. Loved the bays around the airport , Secluded , private . Just really neat . The art shop at the Marina there at Trellis Bay had a great selection of stuff also.
Spent 1-2 days at Smugglers Cove just hanging out . Snorkeling was not as good as I remembered it but hey that was 20 years ago. Not many people were there so it was really relaxing. One thing about driving around the island was the lack of signs to help us tourist get around . Would be nice if that could be improved .
Visited 2 others Islands - LOVED both. But Peter Island was fantastic both times. Ferry is cheap and it was a great day trip . First time we just lounged around Dead mans cove . It was near vacant on the day we were there . Really super snorkeling on the left and right hand sides of the beach . Wife found some sand glass which always thrills her. Spent nearly the entire day there . 2-3 days later returned and caught the shuttle for 10 bucks over to White Bay . It was terrible don't ever go there ( LOL ) . Water was muddy , it was packed . So just stay away from there . Walked around the Dead Mans cove area , great views and man is Peter I Resort plush . Had a great mushroom and carmelized onion pizza for lunch on the first trip. The owner of the resort had his little boat in the marina . One heck of a lil boat.
Made a day trip over to Anegada , which was also a blast . Takes some effort as the ferry leaves early. around 7 or so . Rented a scooter and drove around the Island . Met some friendly folks at a new bar thats opening in a few weeks , at the flash of beauty beach. One gal worked at Anegada BR and was enjoying her day off, the other guy was prepping to get the bar going. Had fun sharing a beer and getting some tips on the snorkeling . Actually hooked back up with both on the ferry back back to VG, and enjoyed hearing what life on Anegada was like. Stopped by Cow Wreck bar and resort . The entire island is very very laid back and not many people there at all. If getting " away from it all" is your thing then this would be it . Coral is kinda far out and currents were pretty strong. I snorkel alone so I had to play it a little safer than I'd prefer , but very good .

Spent a 1/2 day at Brewers Bay . Again was great with the calm , flat waters. Never did find any good snorkeling but some guy said there was some coral out far in the bay , but I was tired from a previous swim and didnt venture out far enough I suppose. The lone bar was open a few minutes when we arrived , then closed up for the day shortly thereafter .
Spent 1 rainy day shopping around Road Town. Man is traffic ... ? Challenging ? The new hospital sure is better than the one we shook our head at 24 years ago.

We dined at lots of places . Fish N lime was good enough to warrant two trips. Great nightly specials and large portions. Other than some dufus docking and leaving his motor running and filing the place with gas fumes it was all very good. ( and that wasnt really Fish n Lime's fault) .
Also made the Elms BBQ in CGB night twice . Your choice of Fish - Chicken - Ribs grilled up nicely . Only 18-22 bucks I believe . The live music was pretty good both nights .
Enjoyed Banakeets view and sunset shots . Very good drinks there , and quick efficient service which was appreciated .
One place that was on " OK" despite high expectations was Scaramouche . Neither my entree " three piglets" nor my wifes simple pasta dish was worthy of much comment. Mine left me still hungry and hers just didnt have much flavor . The service was great and the surroundings great but the meal missed the mark . I will say he presentation was beautiful .
Had a great pady and johny cake from a lady set up beside the road in Apple bay on Sunday. Salt fish and other fish was delish .
Also the Bakery on the road towards the west end was GREAT . Yummy cupcakes, tasty bread pudding . some hot foods on occasion also. highly recommend that place.
Also the small Italian deli in Road town near the ferry station was really good. Superb Italian sausage .

got to get back to work . It was a great trip and I'd go back if I could. Not a cheap destination as food/ drink and getting around isnt cheap . But its a beautiful place . If I left anything out I'll add it later . peace Dan

Cozumel is my thing , but I've got lots of places I love !