Trip Report 4/20-4/27:
The delay in the report was due to depression. But having been back for almost 2 weeks we have put plans in motion for next year so the depression is fading.
Flights down- BOS to SXM on AA. No problems, actually free cocktails on the flight from BOS to SJU. Great attendents.
Car Rental- Mohammed/Panoramic. Again no problems, would use him again.
Villa- Villa Cocinelle thru Cap Caribes. Great villa. My wife and I stayed there in 2001 and had to go back. Gorgeous. Many thanks to Magali!! If anyone wants more info let me know. I could go on and on.
Food highlights- my wife and I are food people so I am going to keep it short.
Baywatch ( first time for my wife and I), unbelievable! We went there early Sunday morning and didn’t want to leave. I am pretty sure I don’t need to tell everyone how good it is.
Hidden Forest Café- again unbelievable. Everything was so fresh. We did the Zip Lines and had lunch. A winning combination. Highly recommend.
Tabba Khady- This was a must for me having read about it here so much. Not disappointed in the least bit. There were 6 of us. My buddy loved it so much he ate off of everyone’s plate!! Nothing left. The comfort level at Tabba Khady is unmatched. It felt like we were at someone’s house. Will go back!!!
Bikini Beach- We had hung out there in 2001 and loved there wraps @ the Monokini shack. 6 years later still just as good. The chicken sate with peanut sauce and goat cheese………..mmmmmmmmmm. Between that and Absolut Tings…….I wasn’t moving to far.
Things we did:
As stated before zip lines. Great time. Would do again. The wife loved it and still is raving.
Lord Sheffield Sunset Cruise. Great time with the crew. The captain had a Yankees hat on and there were 6 of us from New England. So there was a lot of ribbing. We actually still need to send 2 hats down to them, we promised.
Flights out: SXM to BOS. AA no problems. Just short of it being 46 degrees and drizzle when we landed.
Random thoughts:
No sight of crime. Everyone super friendly. Enjoyed every minute. Met some great people from New England and great people who live there. A good vacation leaves you inspired to live your life like you did on vacation until you get back again. The wife and I have officially decided it’s St Martin from here on out. We fell in love with the island all over again. Many thanks to all for the info going down. Can’t wait to get back. Plans are already in motion.

"if you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do"