Arrived STT from MIA. Met up with my buddy in Miami who was sailing with me. Taxied to CYOA in Frenchtown. Since we got there around 4pm we were able to board the boat and go over some of the systems and supplies as well stay onboard overnight. Ate dinner at the Hook,Line and Sinker next to Frenchtown Marina. Food was very good and the locals who eat there and work there are just great.

Day One: Finish checkout with CYOA staff and then head towards St John. On the way over to St. John we lost our dinghy because of frayed painter. Luckily it was recovered by local Parasail boat and we got our dinghy back. Hit a pretty good storm on our trip but cleared up and we moored in Caneel Bay for the night. Went over to Cruz Bay and had dinner at a place next to the ferry dock. Great calamari.

Day two: Sailed from Caneel over to Soper's Hole. Cleared customs and then picked up a few items from the shops there. Headed over to JVD. Sailed most of the afternoon before picking up mooring in Little Bay next to Sydney's. Had a few drinks and then went over to Foxy's for few hours on the beach to enjoy a few more drinks. Back to Sydney's for dinner. Great meal. Made to order shrimp and rice.

Day Three: Sailed back to USVI, going through customs at Cruz Bay. From there we headed over to STT because of a seminar we were attending at the Marriott at Frenchmans Reef.
We moored back at CYOA and was able to catch taxi to meeting from there.

Day four: meeting in AM and then sailed the afternoon around Water Island. Lots of rain but who cares, we were having fun. Dinner at Shipwreck by the cruise ship docks. Ok but not great.

Day five: meeting in AM and the sailed around harbor. Weather was not too great and big storm came up quick. Made it back to CYOA and called it a day. Dinner at Hook, Line and Sinker again. Great burgers.

Day Six: Weather was rainy so we just went into town and picked up some gifts. Brought boat back to dock and spent the night on dock instead of mooring ball.

Day Seven: Up early to leave to come home. My buddy stayed extra day and checked out boat with CYOA staff.

Even with the rain, the trip was great. First time my buddy and I chartered without captain and crew. We thought we did a well and made good decisions about weather and places to go. The staff at CYOA could not have been better. Going through customs while chartering was a new thing for both us. It was a great learning experience, not hard at all, just make sure you fill out the papers correctly. thanks to all who helped with info. cant wait to get back down.


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