Day 4 - Tuesday, May 20

Breakfast first, then off to Deadman’s for the early day. Jeanne knew we were leaving on Thursday, and she was off for the next two days, so she said her goodbyes to us then, what a lady! We will never forget her. We were there at 9:45, and had the whole day to just relax. I guess we were “limin”. Beautiful boats by little deadmans, beautiful views, water, sand, sun, Stephen came by and said he would visit us again for our cocktail order again. I think we were known by everyone here by now. Whoever said you only have to tell the staff at PI your name once was correct. Everyone knew us on day one, nevermind day four! Bushwackers to come shortly thereafter…delicious again!

Lunch at Deadmans bar & grill was great once again. I had a spinach salad with feta, walnuts, and beets(didn’t even know I liked them), and it was really good. DH had the calamari again. I had a turkey club, he had the PI famous ribs…he said they were outstanding. I had heard about them on ScubaMom’s website.

I can’t believe that we actually lost weight on this vacation. The amount of great food they feed you, and the drinks, it amazes me. I guess lifting our arms to our mouths frequently was good exercise after all. And, I guess the walking to the beach in the morning, swimming and snorkeling helped as well.

By now we knew a bunch of other guests, and chatted with them all. People from DC, NY (like us), Chicago, DC again, NC, KY….all seemed to be so nice and having just as much fun as us. It’s great here, if you want to talk to people you can, if you want to be alone, you can as well.

Back to our room later on in the day to get ready for our Sunset at the Loop trip. Word of advice to anyone who wants to do this trip. When you make your reservation (which I think they go every single day at 5:30), if you would like to have a drink (wine or champagne) with your platter of cheese and crackers that they give you as part of your trip, ask to see the menu for the wine or champagne if they do not offer it to you. We were given a menu, and ordered wine when we made our reservation. But, there was another couple that we met up there at the Loop, that did not know that they could have ordered (you have to pay for it though) a bottle. They were honeymooners, and we all offered them some of our own drinks, but they said they were never told. So, just a quick tip for anyone who would be interested, make sure you ask if they do not offer you a menu!

Wow once again! The ride up to “The Loop” indescribable. Got to see the spa from way up high, all of the other beaches, just amazing. Lot’s of goats on the way as well. Our driver showed us St. Croix way off on the horizon. Once you get to the Loop…the views of the back side of St. John are right there where the sun will set. Spectacular! The sunset was breathtaking. We got to see two rainbows while up there as well, due to the little “squall” of rain that we had…5 minutes, not even, and the rain was gone. Which, by the way, made up a really beautiful sunset. They have an array of Adirondack type chairs (in rainbow colors lol) set up there, with tables, and they put your cheese platter, and your bottle of wine or champagne there for you to enjoy. Then they leave you there for an hour or so to watch the sunset. Words just can’t describe it. Amazing! Between White Bay the day before, and the Sunset trip, I wanted to do them both again. Next time we go back….2 times for each of those trips…it was so worth it.

Nice company, beautiful sunset. Perfection!

Back to Tradewinds for dinner tonight. Bar first (what else is new), where dh had a Dark’n Stormy. For those of you who don’t know, that is I think goslings rum, and ginger beer..he loved it. Mai Tai for me…yummy!

Dinner was great. They had lobster on the menu tonight. I had a chicken and dumpling soup to start (really good), dh had smoked salmon stuffed with goat cheese over shredded potato, very good as well. We both ordered the lobster which was a baked tail. Very big, with a garlicky sauce over the top, mashed potatoes, and baby spinach on the side. Delicious! Of course I had to have dessert…chocolate tortes over a scoop of baileys ice cream, no need to say how good it was, it speaks for itself!

Day 5, Wednesday, May 21st (Our 19th Anniversary)

It was hard to believe that 19 years ago we got married, and the following day were on our way to Anguilla via our first JFK-SJU flight. Boy, does time fly! Anguilla was beautiful too, but when we came to the BVI 4 years ago, I think we truly found paradise.

Anyway, Day 5. Our last full day on PI. Didn’t want to think of that all day. All I have to say is thank God for my soulmate, there is nobody else I would rather be with, and nowhere else I would rather be on this day.

Shopped at the giftstore (with a little help from Charity…what a sweetheart, one of our waitresses on one of our days or nights). Some really nice things there (a little expensive, but who cares). Picked up a few momentos, and a gift for our Mom (my mom in law) for taking care of my kitty. Walked around, and then said…Let’s Go once again!

Off to Deadman’s for the entire rest of the day! Made our dinner reservations for our last night at Deadman’s tonight as well. Saw our friends that we met, on the beach, and they actually remembered that today was our Anniversary…I couldn’t believe it. They were just so nice. They bought us drinks at the bar before lunch. I will never forget them. What a nice couple (from DC moving to Philly). Dh snorkeled the right side this time (by little deadman’s) and that is where he saw the stingray. We both snorkeled for the last time that day. It was beautiful. We couldn’t get our normal “spot” on the beach this day, so we moved down a little closer to Deadmans B&G. Dh layed in the hammock for awhile, just so relaxing.

For lunch, I had a pizza. Now, being from NY, I did not expect much, but have to say it was really good. Fresh tomato and ham with provolone…yummy! It was so big that I even gave our waitress a piece hehe. Dh had the spinach salad that I had the other day because it was so good, and he had a pepper crusted salmon. Another painkiller did the trick after that!

Had tea time again…iced tea this time, by the pool. Watched a cruise ship going by to Tortola. Kind of felt bad for them thinking that they were wishing they were on the island with us. We have cruised 2 times in the past few years, one was ok, the other was better, but we are definitely “land-based” vacationers, especially when it is just the two of us. The ship looked pretty out there though.

Back to room. Got ready for our last night’s dinner.

Dinner for the last night was at Deadman’s. We were told there would be a band there again, and there was. They were called a rock/reggae band and were very good. Collin, who is a staff member on PI that we met coming over on their ferry, was a singer in the band. Someone got wind that it was our Anniversary and the band actually dedicated a song to us, all of our friends toasted to us in the restaurant. It was very touching. Another great memory.

I had a chicken samosa with a yogurt dipping sauce for an appetizer, dh had black bean soup or navy bean, not sure, and a crab cake which was very good. They sat us at a big table right up in the front of the restaurant for our special evening. Perfect spot! I had penne pasta with broccoli and veggies, dh got the pan-seared grouper, which I tasted and it was delicious.

Rum coconut tarte and vanilla crème caramel brulee for desserts..yummy as usual. Said goodnight to everyone, walked under the full moon for our last night at PI. Before we started our walk, we saw our waitiress Claudette carrying a table and chairs that someone had used for a dinner right on the beach. Dh helped her bring the table and chairs back to the restaurant. Why not? They were the nicest people, so if he could help someone and return the “niceness” he would and did. What a guy! One of the many reasons we made it to 19 years!

Back to our room. Read our “departure” information. Packed up (not willingly), and sacked out. What a great Anniversary!

Day 6 - Thursday, May 22

Went for our last breakfast. Said goodbye to the friends we met. The staff that we saw were hugging and kissing us goodbye. It was just so nice. They even offered to pack us a lunch to eat at the airport on the way home, which we declined because it was soon after breakfast and a little too early for lunch…if we only knew what was coming. Had to get finished, checked out (wow, the drinks were expensive, well worth it, but expensive LOL..the bill proved it), and board the 11:00 ferry ride back to Beef Island for our plane ride home…this was the only “not fun” part of the whole entire 6 days!

Ferry ride back to Beef Island was fine…a little choppy, so we had to sit inside, but we were well just bluck about leaving anyway, so it didn’t matter. Got there, into cab, to airport, no problems again at all. Checked in at the airport, went through security (they took our lighters, were allowed one each on the way, but not the way home…whatever, didn’t care because we knew we couldn’t smoke anyway), and sat in the gate area about 1 hr 45 min til our 1:34 pm flight.

Shortly after waiting, we were told by the AA representative that our flight coming in from SJU (AE) was going to be late..about an hour. Spoke to her, she said it would probably leave here by 2:30 and we will hopefully make our 4:30 pm flight from SJU to JFK. Well, so much for having over a two hour in between time, we knew that we would really be pushing making our flight. She told us there was another one at 6:30 if we missed the 4:30. Anyway, the flight showed up, we took off at about 2:30-2:40 I think.

We were a little worried, but after reading someone elses post on TTOL about their car being stolen on their way home, I forget who that was, but he really still maintained the “island time and way” and took it lightheartedly, I figured who cares, it can’t be that bad.

Well, on the plane, a lady was announcing all the connecting flights as usual, and I could have sworn she said our flight is leaving on time at gate whatever at 7:10 not 4:30? I thought that’s what I heard, but was not sure. There was a lot of people on the plane stressing because they didn’t think they would make their connecting flights etc., so it was a little chaotic. Well, then we were almost at SJU, and the weather was horrible. We landed in pouring rain and knew we would have to like “run” to the other side of SJ to get our bags…by the way they took our carryon bags on AE, and because of the rain, they said they would be at the AA terminal….now I was worried because that bag did not have any flight info on it etc., but still, “island time” don’t panick.

We literally hung on to the handles and each other on the bus to the terminal. Ran (soaked) through to C&I (and yes, it is a loooong walk/run). Got to AA terminal to get our bags, which were not on the belt they was really a mess. Still had to get the bags and go through customs…well we looked up at the departure flights, and our flight was delayed…first til 7:10, then til 8:00. So, now we knew we had a long time, so no rush right? Wrong. Got the bags (all of them), they were really wet already…went through customs, which was really easy. Walked out, and they took our bags from us to check for our flight, before we could go the AA and see what the problem was. When we asked AA why the flight was delayed so long (we saw others to JFK that were on time, but thought it was because of the bad weather in SJU and NY) the answer we got was “the plane is broken, stuck in Orlando, and we are working on getting another plane”. Well, I guess if the plane was “broken” we didn’t want it anyway. So, now that we knew we were going to be waiting a long time, it was too late to get another flight because they already took our bags that would be on our flight, whenever it left. So, now no rush at all. We have a long time.

Then we checked the board again, and now the flight was delayed again, this time until 8:44 p.m. Ugh! We were stuck in SJU for what seemed like forever. We asked someone where we could get a bite to eat, and smoke. We went outside to smoke, made a few phone calls, one for the car that was picking us up at 8:30 LOL at JFK. Smoked, then came back in to get a bite to eat….had to go back through security…big mistake! That took like an hour, it was packed. That’s what we get for smoking! Finally got back inside around 5:30. Went to the gate where our 6 hour late flight would be leaving from, checked in with AA again.

This time, at least this lady was a little helpful. She gave us two $10 vouchers for food, apologized, told us to go get a bite to eat, take our time LOL, and they did have a plane that was due to arrive around 8:45. Flight would probably leave at 9:00 p.m. It did! We finally landed at 1:00 a.m., home safe and sound by around 3:15. What a long, not fun way home to a great, great vacation. Should have taken the lunch from PI afterall LOL.

They must have left our bags out on the runway for the whole 6 hour delay, because all of our stuff (when I unpacked the next day) was drenched! Not ruined, but really wet, and not fun. Just a lot of wash to do, most of the stuff we didn’t even wear, wet and had to be washed. Ugh! Welcome home LOL.

All in all, at least we got home. Looked at the bright side, and said, well at least we got home and we actually came home with the right bags..they made it, and so did we! Seriously thinking about JFK to STT, and then ferry to Tortola next time though!

The end! (finally)

I am not going to compare this trip to our trip to Biras Creek on Virgin Gorda four years ago. That was fantastic too. I think PIR’s beaches were better for what we were looking for though (only comparison). It was just perfect for the both of us. DH was never so relaxed as he was when we were there.

The staff was wonderful, the food was great, the place was just absolutely incredible. My only regrets are not going to White bay another day, not doing the sunset loop another day, not actually seeing the inside of beachfront suites (although, like I said the OV was just fine), not going to the spa (but not really spa people…we were going to do the “mud bowls” but they ran out of mud! LOL), not hiking with DH, and finally, last regret…not spending another week!

We will definitely be going back, we found a step above heaven this time! Now this loooong report hopefully will explain my post about being home, depressed, and in need of Bushwacker and Painkiller recipes LOL. We made the bushwackers…they were great, along with the “Shooting Stars” cd and my hubby, it was a nice way to celebrate being home, and remembering what we had two weeks ago.

Thanks for listening all. Til next time…and there will be one! Thanks for all of your answers to my many questions….spot on as always! Sorry this was a novel, but I could not help myself, I felt like I was there again while typing it!

Cin <img src="" alt="" /> (I think I am done LOL)