These were the first days off we had in over 2 years after starting our new business…and after canceling the trip that was planned for last November.

It was the most fantastic trip ever!!!!

FLIGHTS/AIRPORT: I have a separate post about our flights thru MIA…surprisingly smooth. Jetway at PJA & off thru immigration in no time. About 10 minutes for bags and greeted by the rep from Unity who took us to pick up our vehicle. On our departure, the luggage belts were not working so lines were slow and you had to carry your bags to security & drop them off.

MICHAEL @ UNITY: Kisses from Michael and a surprise upgrade to the green Rav4…can never say enough great things about Unity.

CELL FROM SHARON: We had arranged for delivery of the phone, so no problems. Had a wonderful phone conversation with Sharon and got her “island perspective” on a whole host of issues…very informative. Needed additional phone time and all you do is call her office and they load your phone with more time; no more running around for phone cards. We had planned to meet at the TTOL get together on May 19th but Sharon came down with bronchitis. Sharon, you’re back in the States now and we hope you are feeling better! Service was outstanding, as always.

TRAFFIC: No problems to speak of except for the occasional cement truck.

VILLA BELLE MER: Gorgeous, immaculate, private, well equipped, fantastic housekeeper (Luvie, and she is a LOVE). As a sponsor, you can check it out, but the photos don’t quite do it justice. Fully remodeled kitchen, outdoor bar and outdoor table top. Someone said the table weighs 1500# and I believe it. Rastaman and Dany (owners) called to check in and make sure that we had everything we needed. Gracious hosts.

GROCERIES/SHOPPING: Shopped at the Cole Bay Grand Marche as I reported while we were on island. Must have been an off day as they were out of things like eggs, bacon, gouda & brie cheese, Myers Rum, etc. Picked up a few things at Royal Foods in Nettle Bay and of course, Tap 5.
This was not a shopping trip but we did spend a couple of hours catching up with Deepti, discussing security, restaurants, etc. The ring that we had picked out a few years ago for our 20th anniversary is just not gonna happen yet. So now for our 21st anniversary, Matt picked out some diamond studs and I love them and Deepti!

RESTAURANT HIGHLIGHTS: We love eating on the beach and gravitated to BAYWATCH, the old stand by. Twice there was standing room only.
BIKINI is where we have our first meal after we arrive; they are 1: 1.40 so it can get pricey. It was good to see Elisa. She is a strong woman and seems to have fully recovered from the robbery a while back. Cannot say enough about KOKOMARINA. They are 1:1 and it’s like eating in a fine restaurant in Grand Case. L’escargot, grilled seafood, beautiful seafood salad, nice dry rose wine. Marina and her husband, Koko, are delightful. On a Sunday, Marina was kind enough to take us on a tour of her father’s villa ACROPOLE. Also a great find was RANCHO DEL SOL, owned by Marina’s brother. Excellent location, just outside of Orient up on the hill.
They were 1: 1.2. A wide menu , fantastic encrusted goat cheese salad.
Also had one of their pizzas (they deliver) and lamb kabobs that were very tasty. Also enjoyed the pizza at SAFARI GRILL in Orient Village. They are 1:1 at breakfast and lunch, but for some reason, not dinner. CALIFORNIA was very good this trip. Table by the sea and a nice photo taken by the staff as a remembrance. The crepes and bananas flambé with vanilla ice cream were to die for.

Ok, this is getting way too long, so I’ll continue with more highlights in a separate post.

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