I will post a few notes as we go cuz when we return home in 10 days, I doubt that I will get to it.

Flights out of Chicago and Miami were on time. Miami has improved with better signage and real people stationed in various locations to answer questions. This time our connecting gate was a good half mile+ walk, so when we got there the flight was already starting to board...fine with us, no waiting!

Immigration & baggage: 20 minutes total.

Met by Unity & taken to Michael's to pick up the infamous green Rav 4 which is driven by many TTOL celeb's, including Louise & David <img src="http://www.traveltalkonline.com/forums/images/graemlins/jester.gif" alt="" />

No traffic problems getting to Orient & the lovely Villa Belle Mer owned by Rastaman. New electric gate was closed when we arrived and we waited about 10 minutes before Luvie the housekeeping opened it for us...we had a good laugh about it and settled in.

Traditional first meal at Bikini. Ordered way too much food. They are $1:$1.30.

Stopped at Tap 5 for am coffee, juice, baguette & butter but forgot the coffee filters <img src="http://www.traveltalkonline.com/forums/images/graemlins/duh.gif" alt="" />

Lights out!

Joyce M-C
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