Really depends on the manufacturer of the kiosks... I worked for years in the retail store div. of a certain big, three letter company. ALL of our POS terminals and kiosks were designed to be placed in extreme conditions - literally weeks running at -50 and at 200 degrees without airflow. They went through extensive elemental torture testing - temp., sun, dust storms, even lightning. We knew registers would sit outside (Think Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot), ...and if any of you think that POS terminals sitting in a checkout lane, inside (under a counter) EVER get cleaned you are dreaming. Those are some of the hotest and most restrictive environments - just nasty. As for water... well, for trade shows we used to demo our kiosks sitting IN a running waterfall. So, good kiosk hardware is designed for those conditions. So, assuming they are using good hardware, then frankly I would be more concerned about the fancy enclosures holding the hardware than the hardware. Particle bd, laminate and such are far more likely to fail outside like that than good kiosk hardware is.