Since the possibility of returning to the French side of St. Martin in 2020 seems more & more remote, and my wife (Cleta) had vacation days she had to use or lose we visited this local (1 1/4 hours away) resort in the Pocono Mountains, PA. We only stayed 3 days/2 nights, but if we had paid for a third night, the 4th night would have been free. The cost was very reasonable -$127 per night including complimentary breakfast.
First, the good news: Masks were required in all public areas, except by or in the pools and social distancing was followed for the most part.
Now the not-so-good news: A major fire 2 weeks ago had severely damaged the on-site restaurant and it has been temporarily replaced with a food truck. The food was good, but a very limited menu.
Overall, we found the place quite nice. (Almost) everyone was very friendly, only certain members had an attitude. There is a nice pool (84 degrees) a smaller conversation pool (94 degrees) and a hot tub (102 degrees). Our room was fairly new with a king bed, and close to the pools. Weather was great and it felt good to work on those tan lines. We would gladly return.

"In a yellow El Camino, listening to Howlin' Wolf" - Lucinda