OK - I'm sitting here in Boston under a foot of snow with all flights out of Logan postponed. I'm wondering what will happen if the time frame on your testing expires because of flight delays. If you got a test within the 5 day window, but your fight is delayed because of weather, and your test results now are six days old, what do you do? The airlines want to put you on a fight tomorrow or the next day, but that doesn't give you enough time to get re-tested. You would still have the paper work allowing you entrance, but is it still valid?

Since this is the first storm of the season, I'm sure this issue hasn't come up yet. I'm just curious what other TTOLers would do. I think I'd just get on the plane and try to work things out when I got to Saint Martin.

I don't suppose anyone in the SXM government is considering this and coming up with a policy?