Wow! We’ve enjoyed ElZafiro since it opened and before and I have to say we have truly ENJOYED it. We’ve beached there since BEFORE it opened as a hotel and before its bar and restaurant were up and running. But IMHO, to say it’s among the very TOP small hotels throughout the Caribbean is a bit of a stretch.

And that said, let me go a bit further and say we’ve always enjoyed their hospitality be it as a beach guest, a restaurant guest or a stay-over guest and I’m thinking it’s the HOSPITALITY aspect that would absolutely earn them that status.

We’ve done many a meal there and I can honestly say ours have always been very good. Five star gourmet? Definitely NOT but then, I wouldn’t know the difference nor would I care as long as they were good but my DH still maintains the best scallop app he’s ever had was served to him there. During our Dec. past trip we had breakfast there one morning and in general chit-chat with the restaurant staff, my DH asked why it’s so hard to find French toast made with baguette on the island anymore, and while our server didn’t have an answer she did tell him if he came back another day they would make it that way. A few days later we returned and he again ordered the French toast AND THEY DID with no provocation from him.

When we over-nighted there a few trips back we found the room we were in, the Sapphire Suite I believe, to be dated but comfortable and certainly large enough for the two of us to move around. Our first morning, the manager walked through the restaurant while we were eating and asked if all was okay and I mentioned the height of our mattress being a bit of a problem to this shorter than average guest. That afternoon when we returned to our room there was a brand new stepping stool placed by the side of the bed. You just don’t find that kind of guest relations in most places.

Re the lack of a pool, that never used to be of any importance to me, but lately I’ve come to enjoy the benefit of a sand-free vacation as long as the pool is adjacent to the beach and I can still hear the sounds of the surf, but that’s me.

It’s all a matter of what’s most important to each individual but I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again. We found their take on hospitality to be beyond anything we’ve experienced elsewhere in bigger and smaller properties and in far more expensive places as well.



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