We have stayed at Zaffiro and most of the properties on Simpson Bay .... it’s Nice but certainly nothing special. No real amenities snd the beach is the same all the way to the bridge so nothing unique about their beach. To me Like Horny Toad and Azure it’s more of a guest house not a hotel Beachside villas again, more like just private condos, not a real hotel with with bars , restaurants or other services. To me ...It was definitely pay to play but let’s be honest many of the so called reviews you see are bias because they get paid to say good things !!! Not just on travel sited too. You’ll never or rarely see a good comment on Jeff Berger’s sxm site unless they are sponsoring, eat or drink free. Nice if they would disclose that they are complementing a payed sponsor. It’s so obviously who pays and who doesn’t. Just look who the sponsors are before you make judgment on anyplace. Read personal reviews and not just one option. I’ve Lost all confidence in these ridiculous articles about the “best” and this zaffiro one takes the cake. Based on what others hotels did they look at? Obviously they didn’t walk down the beach or look around?? Of course It’s all personal opinion and likes. Some like Hamburgers others like steak.

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