Thanks Jason

We are going to be down for 11 days. Our boat is in the Virgin Charter fleet. I already emailed Virgin and they will assist with scheduling the test for us on day 8 to get back into the US.

Cup half full here - but, we hopefully will be free to move about the county on Day 4. I will run out of either vodka or beer on day 8, so will be time to re-provision again. So, we will just come back into Nanny (that is only inconvenience as it will be out of the way of our travel pattern), re-provision and get the test.

I could be possible to test at other locations that are not out of the way, but that is TBD. At least at Nanny I can load up water, provisions and get tested - theoretically - at the same time!!

@OceanSong - Unfortunately I agree. I am already looking forward to 2022. Owning a PC in BVI this year will not be profitable (understatement).

BTW - born and raised in Smithfield, NC!! Yeah, I am a long way from home!