Trip Report 12/31/16 to 1/21/17
Tried to do this on a daily format but it began to look like a novel so here’s a summary.

Travel: Delta, Comfort+, Harrisburg, PA to Atlanta to SXM
Trip down was all we expected and more. On time, early boarding. Carry on directly above us, Unlimited snacks and drinks.

Trip back, hour delay on tarmac, very disappointing, seats in main exit row (18D, 18E should NOT be Comfort+) No overhead storage for this row, Flight attendants more interested in conversation with Delta personnel traveling as passengers than any other passengers. Able to use video system about ½ the time because area had to be kept open first hour and last. No view except restroom in front of us.

Rental Car
Used Unity as usual. Rented a Hyundai Getz. Never saw one before but good little car. This one was pretty beaten up but good on gas and served us well.
Also Michael gave us a very fair deal that included liability insurance and 10% tax.

Mark’s Place, 3 times, Good steaks/good ribs/good lamb
Prices very good as was service

Chesterfield’s, 3 times, Very good lobster, Best fillet I have ever had on island. Old standby, Hurricane Shrimp, Excellent Duck (one of their signatures)Chicken au poivre

Bavaria, Truly authenic German food, don’t know how we missed this one but will make it a repeat from here on. Sauerbraten and Schweinsnitsel entrees, apfelstrudel for dessert, all terrific.

Greenhouse, Philipsburg, Just happy hour drinks and appetizers, Lisa loved lobster sliders.

Antoine’s, Lobster Thermador, Veal Scaloppini, Duck, Sea Bass, New owners, same chef and menu as in the past. I thought it was as good as ever. Son and daughter felt it was very good but not the same as before.

Avantika, My son and daughter went there and raved about the level of service and some of the best Thai food they ever had.

Bistrot Caraibes Select your choice of live, large or even larger lobster, Lisa had lamb shank, I had pretty good fillet. Service and food was superb, my daughter submitted a trip advisor report when we got back home. Really impressive.

Only had 1 day of mostly overcast. A few with spotty showers mixed with sun. Rest of the time the weather was terrific.

Crazy as expected but the only times to avoid if at all possible are 8-9AM and 4-5PM.

Cruise Ships
Least in port was 1 a couple days. Most, 6 in one day, 4 of which were the jumbo variety. Only went into Pburg a couple times and never when there was lots of ships in.

Little Bay, both Belair and Divi had more beach than in some past years. No construction yet on China Pearl up from Belair. No sea weed, little sea grass one day

Orient, really losing beach as has been reported by others. Still a beautiful beach but pretty crowded the days I went there. Little sea weed and grass.

Airport problems with kiosks and Delta system glitches on our departure were an annoyance but all in all we had a great 3 weeks.

Belair has been described as “dated “ by others and we felt that more this time than in the past. Still a good home away from home but we did make a few suggestions to management.

Any additional questions? PM me and I will be happy to answer.