Our SXM vacation began 12/18/10 and we returned home 1/8/11.
Travel Summary:
USAir BWI-Phila-SXM. Crazy as it seems since Phila is only slightly further from Hershey than BWI, there was a $300 difference in ticket price when we started at BWI to catch Phila-SXM flight.
Weather: More overcast days than ever in our 20+ years visiting SXM.
Beach: Belair beach seriously eroded from hurrican. They are waiting to see if it returns on its' own. The've been waiting about 45 days so far with no real change.
Traffic: About the same as last year. Busy and crazy at times but roads conditions are improving.
Restaurants: Since we stay at Belair, Chesterfields, Greenhouse and Antoine's are close and convenient and usually have good food and service. Belair and Chesterfields have done the 15% thing which I cannot agree with, so Greenhouse saw more of us than the others.
Still can't beat Zee Best for breakfast pastries and croissants.
If anyone would like more detail, please PM me and I will provide.