Here's our report<br>Arrived SXM 1/29/02 direct from Phila on USAir. We arrived at Julianna Airport at the same time 2 other flights arrived. Uneventful Customs and Emmigration.<br>Belair, where we stay was fully operational. We stayed in one of the remodeled rooms and were pleased with everything.<br>Restaurants-<br>Boardwalk Cafe @ Belair<br>Chesterfields<br>Boathouse<br>Greenhouse<br>Hot Tomatoes<br>KFC<br>Pizza Hut<br>Zee Best<br>No really fine dining restaurants this time but all of the above were very good value.<br>Abundance of lobster everywhere this year.<br>Beach on Little Bay (Belair&Divi Little) has completely returned. Beach at Orient and Dawn have receded.<br>Cupecoy had no beach at all the day we were there.<br>Summary<br>The island is slowly returning to its pre hurricane state. Tourism is still down but more cruise ships seem to be stopping. They are discussing some legislation that will protect TimeShare buyers but only talking at this point.<br>New road built between road to airport and Philipsburg over the mountain has reduced traffic in that area (above the Medical Center).<br>Heineken is now $3 on Orient Beach but still worth it.<br>$40 champagne here in PA was $20 at Food Centre.<br>Crown Royal (large) $45 here, $25 there (Cost U Less)<br>Cuban cigars still expensive but a good change of pace. Dominican cigars growing in popularity as good alternatives.<br>That's it.<br>Tom<br>