We just returned Sunday night and will post a trip report this week-end when we have the time but a few comments should not wait.<br>1. TTOL has hit the big time. "Today" newspaper ran a full page on creation and summary of TTOL! A number of restaurants and shops were talking about TTOL and it's clear they want favorable TTOL press.<br>2. A number of new restaurants have opened. The one we liked a lot was "Hot Tomatoes" on Airport Road. Used to be Sambuka's location. Opened by original owners of Sunset Beach Bar. Unique menu, great service, great food, affordable prices.<br>3. Went to O Beach a number of times in the 2 weeks we were on the island but saw no TTOL flags. I plan on taking one next year and see if I can attract other TTOL members.<br>4. More beach has returned to Belair (where we stay) and Divi on Little Bay. More beach has gone from Orient and Dawn. Beach was almost non existant at Cupecoy when we were there but I know that can change quickly.<br>All for now.<br>T&L