We went from 12/24 to 1/14.
Air travel: Largely on time MDT-CLT-SXM, "Choice Seat" issue discussed in other post. Return: SXM-PHL-MDT, Anti-Zone loading fiasco also discussed in other post.
Belair Hotel: Sand has returned to beach. Not much else has changed. Quiet/Peaceful/nice.
Weather: One full rain for 1/2 day of the 3 weeks. Otherwise short spritz every couple days.
Chesterfields several times. Terrific Lobster
Mark's Place: Excellent Steak/Excellent Ribs - Most affordable dinner we had on the island.
Green House: Happy Hour drinks very good, Fish and Chips were excellent as were the King Crab legs.
Pineapple Pete's: New place for us. Went because of what's been said on this site. Great advice. Good food, Great service, this will be added to our agenda.
Traffic: Lots of jams. Used to be just the Dutch side that had horrible pot holes, French have now joined in.
Shopping: Grande Marche and Sunny Foods have almost everything. Cost U Less a bit less interesting, getting mostly commercial trade. Rima's about the same as before.
Everything still closed on Christmas and New Year but some stores open for a few hours on Boxing Day.
Cigars: Emphasis still on Cubans but more Dominicans being offered.