Posted this under USA travel. Recently was flying Southwest and with weather they put me on an AIRTRAN leg connecting to another Southwest flight.

When I walked to the AIRTRAN gate and handed them my Southwest boarding pass they said "what do you want me to do with this?" They sent me here and said they were calling the gate to tell you. "Well, I'll have to enter in another reservation", "They shouldn't have done that" " After I give away all my standbys maybe you'll have a seat" --- and as R U D E as possible with a big capital RRRRRRRRRRR.

I get a seat, they yell at me for my bag cause there is no room because they wasted all my boarding time figuring out how to put me on the plane.

As we are landing at BWI, wheels/flaps down on final --- two men and a young boy all get up and go to the lav at the front of the plane. No one says a word. As we cross the threshold of the runway a male flight attendant goes running to the back saying thanks for telling us we're landing. We land with 1 person in the lav and two standing outside. Lucky a nice landing. I've seen people get up only to be told to sit down.....but never this.

AS I board my connecting Southwest flight "Beep beep beep, you're not checked in for this flight"........well I was but the move to AIRTRAN on first leg unchecked me out of the cattle line to get a new Southwest boarding pass and I lose significantly and end up in a center seat.

I've seen some bad airlines and bad airline mergers ----- but this is the biggest disaster. I have to wonder if the AIRTRAN workers aren't getting the shaft in the deal and are acting up/inept ------- OR did Southwest just buy/merge to control their competition's pricing during the recession ------- it doesn't look like they really want to be merged. It doesn't take 3 years to merge an airlines basic reservation/boarding pass functions. Pleanes/pilots/terminals take time. The other function is simply flight numbers and cities in a database. I know all airline mergers have issues.....but this is a joke and maybe an unsafe joke. AIRTRAN off my list for a long while.. OH and didn't get points for my travel....another hassle factor. I haven't flown Spirit but I can't imagine worse ----- bad seats, chickens and goats.