Just returned from 2 weeks.
Some Highlights are:
Airport is fantastic. Faster processing through imigration on arrival, A/C and new shops and food places make departure 100% better. Lots of space. Free parking for public.
High Season traffic still a problem especially 4-6PM and when Simpson Bridge is up.
Weston blocks Dawn Beach completely from view but hopefully this situation will soon get resolved. Folks that live in that area are very upset.
Belair Beach (where we stay) was best it's been in years. Beach was without rocks or drop offs. Food and service was excellent.
Orient Beach was VERY crowded and sand blast windy when we visited.
"Hurricane Shrimp" from Chesterfields was a major hit.
Cupecoy construction makes it a difficult area to access.
Long Beach still a good choice but also not easy to access.
Cuban cigar prices higest ever.
Still a great vacation!
Tom and Lisa