Trip Report Through the Eyes of a 4 year old and a almost 2 year old

We went on a big airplane from Detroit to Miami and stayed in a hotel. The airplane went WOOOSH! It was fun. The next day, we went in another big airplane to St. Maarten. It was very cold at home and it is nice and warm at St. Maarten. I do not need to have my warm coat on, I donít even need to have my shoes on. We played at the playground at Pelican. We went to Orient Beach and I splashed in the waves. Daddy held my hand so I didnít fall down.

Today we went to the Butterfly Farm. I saw lots of butter flies. A big blue one landed on my shirt; but, it was not heavy. We went to a nice beach with little waves (Le Galion) I had fun running up and down the beach and playing in the sand.

I am very tired and need to go to bed. Nicholas and Nathan

Thank you nice people. I saw dogs on the beach, I did. They were nice. Some of the dogs were French and they could not understand my words. I saw sail boats everywhere. And, I saw people in the water with kites. They went fast. I do not know what they were doing. Mommie and Daddy are taking me to the playground now. Bye, Nicholas and Nathan

Hi, my little brother is taking a nap. He is very tired. My dad is reading me a book. We went to the play ground and we went swimming. The pool is just the right size for me. And it is nice and warm too. Nicholas
Hi. We are back home now. We had so much fun. I want to go back. I have been playing with my toy airplanes. I have AA and Air France. The runway is on the table here, just like the one at SSBG. It is very cold. Mom made me put on my boots, my hat, my mittions, and my heavy coat to go to school today. It is snowing. It looks like beach sand but colder.

I hope that I can go back next year. Nicholas

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