Part 3

Hi, this is Nathan. My big brother is taking a nap. Mom said that I need a nap; but, I donít want to. We got up early today. My brother and I had breakfast early. Mom and dad took us to the playground to play. My Mom and Grandfather went to the store and got donuts. We went back to the room so the big people could eat. If they got up on time, we would not have to waste all this time. I got to eat one of grandmotherís donuts, so, it is ok.

We went to the beach at the Pelican after breakfast. It was fun. They had a big digger machine fixing the rocks next door at the Flamingo. The machine was on the rocks and was digging rocks out of the water and piling them up in a big pile. I think that Mom will get mad if I donít take my nap. Bye