Hi, Yesterday, we stayed at home (Pelican). We went to the play ground and went swimming. Mom watched something on TV. She said that it was about us getting a new president. I think it was the news. I played with my toys. We had lunch and my little brother took a nap. My dad read me books. We had dinner at Toppers by the Sea. I had a good hot dog.

Today we went to the Yacht Club for breakfast. My brother and I had pancakes. They were good. We watched the draw bridge open and BIG boats went through the bridge. That was fun. We went to a new place on the beach that is a bus. I canít say the word for itís name. I think that it was Kxiper. It was too windy, so we went back to the Butter Fly Farm. I like the Butter Fly Farm. I put orange juice on my finger and a butterfly came and drank it. My little brother likes butter flyís to. Than we went to the beach by the Butter Fly Farm. It was too windy. My little brother does not like wind. My grandfather said he had a idea. He drove us to Kim Shaw Beach. It was not too windy so we stayed there. I played in the little waves with my dad. My little brother played in the sand with Mom. My brother and were very tired, so we both took a nap. Mom and grandfather got us take out from Peg Legs Pub. It was very good. We all went for a walk and grand father showed me the stars. He showed me Venus and Orion. There were lots and lots of stars, but, grandfather did not know all of there names. I am tired now. Good Night